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Rules based or artificial intelligence chatbots

Chatbots are the latest form of interaction between your customers and your company. Now-a-days companies are building chatbots for eCommerce, customer support, making appointments, booking tickets - you name it. Although majority of the current chatbots are simple rules based interactions, chatbots are increasingly able to answer complex questions and carry on a contextual interaction by combining information from different data sources and also by using techniques like self-learning and artificial intelligence.

Brown Deck Innovations will create a chatbot for your specific requirements. Our engineers will work with your team to identify your specific use case(s) for chatbot(s), understand the corresponding business processes and data flows, design conversational trees, code and connect your chatbot to the appropriate data sources, and then connect it to the messaging apps (Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram, WeChat etc). Finally, like for any other piece of software, we will test, deploy and monitor your bot!

Case Study - Closeloop

Closeloop helps its clients create, manage and distribute rules-managed micro chatbot apps specifically in the hospitality, health and retail industries. The platform increases its clients efficiency with real-time, mobile alerts which are automatically responded to based on rules defined by the clients themselves.The platform is 100% configurable in terms of the interface presented to the end users, the flow of interactions, how escalations are routed, and how and when live human support is looped in. The end users (customers of closeloop's clients) interact with the system through lightweight UI widgets which are defined by the client. The system comes pre-seeded with customizable templates for micro chatbots for various industries as well as supporting a full SDK for developers to create their own chatbots from scratch.

Brown Deck Product Strategy team worked closely with Closeloop team to understand the product vision, create a product roadmap and work as an outsourced product management and software delivery team. The initial back-end platform and the corresponding mobile apps were developed over a period of six months and have had 5 major upgrade releases since then. The primary technology stack used is MySQL, PHP, iOS, Android, AWS

Success Factors

  • Clear Business Goals

    Understanding the business model and broader market segment by Brown Deck Team.

  • Clear Product Roadmap

    Understanding the Product vision and the product direction 3-5 generations out.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Understand, research and use latest technologies and paradigms - create new paradigms.

  • Right Resources

    Specialists for each area - database engineers, front-end developers, mobile engineers.

  • Project Management

    Start right; maintain momentum; track/report progress; make smart decisions.

  • Quality Assurance

    Iterative testing ensures quality control, good output and final acceptance.

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